Your Voice Your Choice


As technology brings the world together, building understanding between people of different cultures and nations is essential to ensure that advances in communication technology are used for peaceful rather than violent purposes. World Trust offers scholarships for members of the Young Leaders Network around the world to travel to different nations and encounter cultures other than their own.

We also believe that once racial understanding is on the forefront of our youth’s minds, there could be a chance for a world of peace. Therefore, through our programs we offer scholarships for our YOUNG LEADERS to travel on project missions around the world to meet those from other cultures and countries.

World Trust Foundation, along with our Coalition Partners, create, maintain and produce a rollout plan that will inspire millions of young people to STAND UP and have their VOICES HEARD. Building the confidence and self-esteem of youth is the stronghold vision that will connect millions and millions of young people on a global scale.



The World Trust Foundation allows youth to gather online and share their ideas on solutions that will help in matters of social concerns, the environment, social action and more. They will be given ideas and ways to make a difference in their own communities and then make an impact on a global scale.

filming in Ghana - young leaders

The YOUR VOICE YOUR CHOICE campaign began in 2009, where youth from around the world were invited to upload an essay, photo and/or video to express their concerns and solutions for the planet.

Check out the winners from Ghana for the global YOUR VOICE – YOUR CHOICE campaign in 2009.

Ghana winners

The young leaders of Ghana were awarded the 1st prize. World Trust Foundation, led by Tess Cacciatore, went down to Ghana, West Africa, to participate in a 3 day workshop for the youth of Ghana to collaborate and understand their rightful place in becoming young leaders. The youth participated in breakout panels and chose the ares that most connected to their passion and purpose.

YOUR VOICE YOUR CHOICE 2014 is launching during the “Life is Beautiful” festival in Las Vegas NV – in conjunction with WEU, Smart Med, Global Women’s Empowerment Network and I Rock 2 Live. This interactive activation space, held at the festival, is an interactive high tech garden with high touch inside the world of environment, empowerment, global activation and education.

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