World Trust Foundation was formed around the concept of alliances and collaboration with like minded organizations. There are numerous partnerships over the years that have proven the point of working together for a common goal is the way of the world today.
Listed here are some of the partners and sponsors who have been with us along the way.

Chicken Shit Foundation: A Man of Great Peace and Selfless Service…
Rafael Bejarano (1974 – 2105) was killed by Egyptian military on Sunday September 13 in what is being described as an accidental shooting. Mistaking the lunching tourists on a spiritual mission for a camp of Islamist militants operating in the area, the Egyptian military opened fire. The error killed more tourists than any terrorist attack in recent years and is still under investigation.

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Rafael’s Legacy Projects:
School in the Huichols Community – Mexico
There is a development team from Chicken Shit Foundation that is heading to Mexico in October to meet with the community elders and determine how we can support the progress that Rafael had begun with them. This trip was already planned prior to Rafael’s passing, with CSF Team Member Bart Rademaker, who was apprenticing with Rafael as a Shaman (see his bio here). We will update our donors as we gain development timelines.

Orphanage Support and School – Liberia
Rafael had begun sending money to an orphanage in 2014 after his first visit there. He began developing the vision of how he could grow his support to the orphanage, as well as help build a school. On the day of Rafael’s passing, CSF Team Member Simon Crowe, who was in Liberia with Rafael in 2014, began a fundraising effort to purchase a motorbike for one of the key on the ground supporters of the Orphanage, that would help provide the beginning to sustainability for the orphanage. He launched this campaign before he knew of Rafael’s death! Simon has begun now with the CSF Team to research how best to fulfill Rafael’s legacy in Liberia and sourcing best appropriate partners. As we gain additional details, we will update our donors.

Youth Empowerment and Preservation of Indigenous Traditions Among Youth
Rafael cared deeply about the re-awakening of indigenous youth to respect and help sustain waning or lost traditions. He cared deeply about bridging cultures through these traditions in helping individuals to discover their similarities. He shared his shamanic teachings and was learning from others who hold shamanic wisdom from other tribes. He cared about youth being inspired to embrace their “chicken shit” self as he had, which mostly came through these powerful tribal teachings. We are currently in conversation with one of Rafael’s closest shamanic friends and teachers in learning how we can best support Rafael’s vision in this area, and will provide you more details as we have them.

These are the projects that Rafael Bejarano Rangel was already working on and that his family was most aware of. If you know of additional projects Rafael was interested in supporting in alignment with the Mission and Vision of this foundation, we’d love to hear from you. Please visit our website to learn more about Rafael Bejarano Rangel and the Chicken Shit Foundation at


Global Women’s Empowerment Network
Peace Over Violence
United Nations Foundation
Airline Ambassadors
Trees for Africa
Los Angeles Unified School District (LAUSD)
to name a few …

Corporations and Sponsors:

Seimens Solar
Los Angeles Department of Water & Power