The World Trust Foundation began in 1994, to foster collaboration in the nonprofit arena, and to empower youth around the world to work in partnership with one another to create a sustainable future for their local communities and the global community as a whole.

The World Trust Foundation was founded by entertainment and media producer, Tess Cacciatore, as her passion and vision preceded the times in the arena of collaboration and technology.  The launch of World Trust began with WORLD JAM 1 – an interactive box set of music containing songs from 47 artists from around the world.

World Jam 1 cover


This model of collaboration, instead of competition in the nonprofit arena was a foreign concept in the 1990s, so Tess held on to the vision that technology and media would one day evolve into a platform that would establish a shift for positive change.

In 2000, the focus of the World Trust Foundation expanded to support youth empowerment. Over the years the Youth Programs have allowed for young people to be inspired by the vision, take action within their own lives and, therefore, their communities, eventually finding their way to collaborate with youth from other countries. The vision holds that once youth find that they have a common ground with others around the globe, when they grow up they will be friends and co-leaders for a new way of life.

Over the years the World Trust Foundation has collaborated with leading global organizations, corporations, schools and youth groups to facilitate success in the following areas: Humanitarian Relief, Environmental Education, Social Change and Creative Expression.

We have identified Youth Ambassadors from various countries and continents who are continuing to do amazing work in their countries (India, South Africa, United States, Asia, Canada, South America and many places in Europe).

We have taken our Youth Ambassadors overseas to United Nations events and have invited them to be involved with various programs since 2000.  These experiences enable our young leaders to aligning with their peers from various countries around the world. Previous activities included having youth speaking at various forums during the Sub-Commission and Commission for Human Rights, World Conference Against Racism, World Summit on Sustainable Development and more.

World Trust’s past global outreach events have raised money and awareness for a variety of humanitarian projects. (90% of all money raised for specific programs has been spent directly on hands-on projects).