Founder’s Message

Tess Headshot 2014

Tess Cacciatore
Founder / Executive Director

 “Education is a necessity  … not a privilege!” Tess Cacciatore – Founder/ Executive Director – United Nations/Geneva speech – 2000.

It is important for me to continue what I believe to be my personal mission and purpose in life and that is to provide a place where authentic communication and programming can connect people and bridge cultures. Through media, technology, and story-telling, I believe that there could be a shift for positive change in the world.

When I began World Trust Foundation, back in 1994, it was to be an organization that held the space of collaboration with nonprofits around the globe, so that we could work in unison to accomplish similar goals. Back in those days, the idea of collaboration was a foreign concept. However, through the times it is now more important than ever to work in tandem with like-minded people and organizations to accomplish goals that before seemed to be impossible to reach.

Since my first speech at the United Nations in 2000, I still believe that all elements of empowerment actually embodies the notion that “we all have a similar pulse and live on common ground.”

I have been in the entertainment industry for 25+ years – and then began working in the technology and philanthropy arenas in 1994, realizing that media and technology were the conduits for communication between cultures, and for the place to give back to society as a whole.

To me, the World Trust Foundation creates opportunities for collaboration between young people, individuals, corporations, educators and other non-profit organizations; with having our fingers on advanced web-based technologies, to build global partnerships.

I feel that we can help foster the leaders of the world through what I call the “NOW-GENERATION” with younger generations taking hold of their passions and channeling them to a place where true focus and change can occur.

Through a variety of life lessons and circumstances, I have been forced through a tunnel of personal transformation, with a broadening shift and a continued commitment to do my very personal best, to make a difference in the world.

This journey for me into the Congo, and throughout Africa, was the beginning of a journey that transformed my life. Here is a documentary short that voices my passion for people around the world, who are held prisoner in their life, their mind and their heart.


After coming out of this dark tunnel in 2011, I became the co-founder and executive director of a Global Women’s Empowerment Network, to provide a conduit of TV programming to connect youth from around the world, and to fulfill my vision from back in the nineties – which is to create and build an online TV network of authentic family programming. GWEN is all about “transforming lives beyond abuse.”